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Gateway Paranormal Research & Investigation (GPRI) is a professional team dedicated to helping people who are experiencing any form of paranormal activity. The GPRI team members share a vast knowledge of the paranormal. However, we recognize there is always much to learn, and many others to learn from. We are a team that conducts ourselves and our investigations in a professional and ethical manner. We approach all cases with a skeptical eye while keeping an open mind, and conduct investigations as serious and scientific attempts to seek truths above all else.

Helping ordinary people understand extraordinary circumstances

Paranormal: Denoting events or phenomena that are beyond the scope of normal experience or scientific understanding. ~Oxford Dictionary
When our team is called upon to identify paranormal activity, we attempt to record phenomena, validate the presence of paranormal activity, and strive to give owners a better understanding of what they may be experiencing. We follow a scientific approach to our investigations, using some of the latest detection equipment to help us locate and document paranormal activity, while always keeping safety a primary concern. We will not deem any activity as paranormal unless evidence is found and after all reason and logical explanation has been tried and tested. Any evidence collected will be shared with the client once the case has been completed.
We honor all confidentiality requests and do not release any personal or identifying information. We recognize that our clients may have diverse backgrounds, cultures, religions, and beliefs, and we respect such. We do not charge any fees for our investigative services, and we do not pay to investigate a property. Although our team is based in the Oklahoma City area, we have no boundaries and are able to assist throughout Oklahoma and across the nation. If for some reason we cannot make it to your location, we will be happy to refer you to a paranormal group in your area.
Don’t be afraid to contact us, even if you have no idea what may be happening. We will be happy to talk to you further about the possibility of conducting an investigation. Our passion for paranormal investigation combined with the opportunity to help those in need is both an honor and a privilege and we look forward to talking to you.