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Meet the GPRI Team:

Co-Founder / Investigator
Garry has been involved in investigating the paranormal actively and professionally since 2005, and has had an interest in the unknown since childhood, having had a number of different paranormal experiences during his life. In 1997, his interest in the paranormal peaked when he experienced a full-body apparition while in the U.S. Air Force stationed in Cheyenne, Wyoming. Garry honorably served his country in the Air Force Security Forces for 14 years. He is also a former law enforcement Criminal Investigator. Utilizing his Criminal and Paranormal Investigation experience he is always trying to seek the truth. He is skeptical but keeps an open mind, and brings his advanced investigative skills, experience, professionalism and integrity into his paranormal investigations. When Garry is not working or investigating the paranormal he focuses most of his spare time on his wife Sheri, and their kids.
Co-Founder / Investigator
Sheri has been witness to various paranormal activities as long as she can remember. Growing up experiencing poltergeist activity, shadow ghosts, full-body apparitions, being touched by unseen forces and hearing audible residual sounds and voices, has made her very open minded and understanding to what others may be experiencing. She has been actively and professionally investigating the paranormal since 2007. Sheri has a background in police communications, disaster response, rescue, and supervision, as well as many administrative duties. These varied experiences have helped shape her skills in research, communications, investigation, and review of evidence. Sheri currently works in the medical field, while devoting much of her free time to her husband, Garry, their children, and her love of investigating the unknown.
“We as hunters of ghost are visible, tangible. We are vulnerable. The ghost has the upper hand, for it can see what we do not, it can hear what we cannot. It can perform feats we cannot. The ghost can come to us anytime it wants. It strikes when the time is most opportune for it to do so. So, if you want to hunt ghosts you must know your opponent. You must respect its powers!” ~Ed Warren

The GPRI Team:

The Gateway Paranormal Research & Investigation team members have been interested in the paranormal for many years. With a combined paranormal investigative experience of over 18 years, and having had personal experiences throughout their lives has left them with a quest for the truth and a compassion for those who may be experiencing much of the same. The founders’ investigative and scientific backgrounds help them keep a level head, remain skeptical yet open-minded, and they share a passion for finding answers to paranormal questions. Each team member comes to the group with their own unique set of skills and it is great seeing those skills come together and complement each other during our investigations. The GPRI Team specializes in helping everyday people who may be undergoing frightening or unusual circumstances.
If you are interested in becoming a GPRI team member, send us a message through the "Contact" tab above to request a team member application. While GPRI is not always actively looking for team members, we do keep applications on file in the event an opening should occur.