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What To Expect From GPRI:

When the GPRI team is called upon to investigate paranormal activity, we attempt to record phenomena, validate the presence of paranormal activity, and strive to give owners a better understanding of what they may be experiencing. This is accomplished by following a scientific approach to our investigations, keeping an open mind, and using some of the latest detection equipment to assist us in locating and documenting paranormal activity. GPRI takes pride in always conducting an honest and thorough investigation. We take investigating very seriously and always conduct ourselves in a professional and ethical manner. Even though GPRI likes to have fun, we always keep safety a primary concern. Likewise, it is our top priority to keep all personal and identifying information collected confidential.
GPRI will:
          • Investigate Residences
          • Investigate Businesses
          • Investigate Historic Sites
          • Investigate Properties such as an open forest/field, family cemetery, abandoned buildings, etc.
          • Investigate any Other Paranormal Occurrences
All investigations are conducted at no charge with the permission of the property owner, renter/lessee, or agent of the property owner who has legal authority to request the investigation and allow persons onto the property.
GPRI will NOT:
          • Charge Fees for our Services nor will we Pay to Investigate a Location
          • Cleanse Properties, Remove Malevolent Spirits, or Perform Exorcisms
          • Help Spirits “cross-over”
          • Use divination practices/devices such as Ouija boards, pendulums, or séances
          • Perform Psychic Readings
If you are requiring one of these services, we will do our best to assist you in finding the help you seek.