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Frequently Asked Questions:

What types of hauntings are there?
There are many types of hauntings, and GPRI recognizes six distinct types in our investigations:
1) Intelligent – an entity that is aware of the living world and interacts with or responds to it. This is the type of
     haunting usually caught on EVPs.
2) Residual – hauntings attributed to a past event that “replays” repeatedly and does not directly interact or
     respond to the living world, and can appear as auditory, visual, or olfactory phenomena.
3) Poltergeist – also known as Recurrent Spontaneous Psychokinesis (RSPK) and is the result of energy
     generated by a person or agent. Is often perceived as objects moving, disappearing or reappearing, as
     noises, and is often mischievous.
4) Doppelgänger – an apparition that appears as a double of a living person. It is often thought to be an omen of
     bad luck, illness, or danger.
5) Shadow Ghost – a dark evasive shadow that is usually seen with peripheral vision. They are often reported as small (cat to child-size)
     and haystack shaped, while some are reported to be human size and shape.
6) Demonic – inhuman entities who have never walked the Earth as human. It’s not uncommon for people to think demons are present
     when instead it’s actually a malevolent spirit. We believe that demons do exist, however rare in occurrence. Instead what we usually
     see are malevolent or angry spirits which may have been cranky live people and continue that behavior in the afterlife.
Why do some people experience paranormal activity in a home where the previous residents did not?
Buildings are not created haunted and we do not always know what causes a haunting to begin. Yes, people could very well have lived in a home without incident for quite a number of years, and then it begins without an obvious cause. Even in the most haunted places paranormal activity does not happen daily, and does not happen on command. Sometimes it starts with someone inviting it in through curiosity or some type of divination. Sometimes it comes with a specific property, building, object, animal, or even a person, which may have an entity attachment that can follow it to other locations.
What are signs that my home or business may be haunted?
No two hauntings are alike and can vary from a single type of phenomenon to a range of activity. This is by no means a complete list, but these are some of the more common signs that you may be dealing with a haunting: unexplained noises, cabinet or room doors opening and closing, lights or electrical items turning off and on, items disappearing or reappearing, unexplained shadows or movement, unusual animal behavior, feelings of being watched or touched, unexplained whispers or voices, cold or hot spots, unexplained smells, items moving or levitating, writing appearing on items or walls, physical attacks such as being pushed or scratches, and apparitions.
I think my home or business is haunted, what can I do?
The human mind and senses are easily fooled and people can often mistake explainable occurrences for the paranormal. The first step is to remain calm and try to eliminate all possible explanations that could be causing what you are experiencing. Once you feel you have ruled out any rational explanation and the activity is still occurring, the first step is to keep a journal of the activity. If you have the resources try to record any activity with a voice recorder, camera, or camcorder. A journal and any other evidence collected can be invaluable should you need a formal investigation to help determine what is going on, if there is a pattern or cause, and the frequency of the activity. Once you have ruled out possible explanations, then it may be time to call in a paranormal investigation team (if you feel that you and your family are in any type of danger, call for help immediately). Research the team you are considering to investigate, as teams vary in expertise, experience, and methodology. If you would like GPRI to conduct an investigation of your property, fill out the form on our Request Investigation page.
What does GPRI charge to investigate a property?
GPRI offers all services FREE OF CHARGE and does not make money conducting paranormal investigations. As a matter of fact we cover most all expenses out of our own pockets. It takes quite a bit of expense for investigations as well as any research if warranted. It requires gas, printing, copy fees, batteries, and sometimes meals and hotels, not to mention all the equipment and its upkeep. We feel to charge for our services jeopardizes the integrity of the investigation. Those teams who charge fees often feel they must provide evidence to those who pay for their services, even when no evidence is found. We do not ever want to feel we need to do this. When offered, we do graciously accept donations of used equipment, gas cards, store cards, batteries, etc., to help offset some of the costs of doing this type of work. While there is never a charge for our investigations, we do occasionally request donations for travel expenses such as hotel or gas be provided based on length of travel required for an investigation, when requested to travel long distances.
Will GPRI bless my home or cleanse it of unwanted spirits and negative energies?
GPRI does not offer home blessings, cleansings, or exorcisms. This is often most effective when performed by the resident and/or someone strong within the resident's own belief system. It is not unusual for GPRI to refer people to the church or leader of their own personal religious beliefs for these services. If the activity experienced is of a dangerous nature, then we do not recommend doing this by yourself. However, if the activity does not seem dangerous and you’d like to try this first, we have listed these links that you may find useful:
Native American Smudging Ceremony
Cleansing Your Home of Unwanted Spirits and Entities
How to Bless a House (Multi-Cultural/Multi-Religion)
Do you always find evidence of the paranormal when you do an investigation?
No, we do not. We interview the property owners and take into consideration what we’re told. One of our first objectives is to look for a logical explanation of what they are experiencing and see if it can be recreated. This is often a relief to the owner to know there is a non-paranormal explanation for what they are experiencing. It is not unusual to get absolutely no indication of paranormal activity during an investigation. If we do find activity, we try every avenue available to us to see if there is a logical explanation. We pride ourselves in our integrity and investigative skills and we go in with one agenda – to find evidence. If we have evidence that is in question, it is thrown out. If we have personal experiences that cannot be backed up by evidence, it’s also thrown out. If a team claims to always find paranormal activity or evidence, then I would seriously consider using another team. If what they are doing is fake, they will always have evidence and nothing would ever be tossed aside. Remember to seek the truth, not the illusion.
How do I convince my spouse, friend, etc., that the paranormal is real?
It’s not worth the time or energy to try to convince anyone into believing in the paranormal. We know what we personally have seen, felt, heard, smelled, and experienced. Some of the things we have experienced has created an unwavering belief in things previously doubted. Until others have those same types of experiences, they often will never believe in the paranormal. Those with closed minds will not listen to arguments to the contrary, and it is a waste of time to try to change those minds – they will not change. You have to know in your own mind and heart what is right for you and trust yourself.
Does GPRI use mediums or psychics during investigations?
Although members of our team are at times sensitive to spirit energies, GPRI does not actively use mediums or psychics during investigations. If you would like information on how to contact a medium, healer, animal communicator, etc., we recommend this link to help you get started in your search:
     James Van Praagh Practitioners Referrals
How can I become a member of the GPRI Team?
If you are interested in becoming a GPRI team member, send us a message using the above "Contact" tab to request a team member application. While we are not always actively seeking team members, we do keep completed applications on file for when an opening occurs. Please note that all positions are volunteer. Team members must be at least 21 years old and live within a reasonable distance of Oklahoma City, must have availability to attend investigations, meetings, and team events, and must be a team player.